The 88카 imported cars are reliable

This year, we’re going to have a more comfortable lifestyle.

I think I’ve come to pursue it. It’s barely a chance to get a consultation.

After I got it, I pulled out the boom. But like that.

Before doing, Kia Stonic used as a candidate.k.

There was one, too, so I thought about the car I saw.

I’d like to introduce you. thought

sleeker than anything and casual with a small suv

It was a look with a great atmosphere, so I remember.

I was doing it. And so does the visuals.

To go anywhere useful with a sense of stability

It was very attractive in that I could do it.

I liked the clean color because it was white.

It’s like when you start the engine, you’re cute and angry.

The placement of the headlamps was good. from the front

Like you’re staring at something.

It doesn’t look easy. in the rear

On the other hand, a slightly calming line.

It is applied to the rear lamp. What

It turns on with a more sophisticated LED lights up and down.

excessive chromium moulding in the periphery.

It looked harmonious because it wasn’t arranged.

The body height is also a bit like suv.

It’s usually recommended for beginners.

Well, I think it’s normal to have a good view.

He’s more of a poet than a family of cars we meet.

It’s good, and it’s more than medium-sized.

It’s a little uncomfortable when you park.

It’s hard to get through a small 88카 중고차 space.

You lose, and in that part, the compact is really, really…

That sounds like a lot of merit! Me too.

That’s why I’ve been recommended to you in person.

I understood it when I met him. visual diagram

He didn’t kneel at all. Scratch didn’t.

The exterior is controlled by a non-existent surface.

If it’s too much, it’s as clean as possible.

I’ll take a look from my point of view.

I wouldn’t have cut it. Not really.

Even if it was kept clean,

I can tell you. in the form of 2018.

He was with me, with a total mileage of 20,000 kilometers.

I’m guessing Kia’s Stonic used car.

I’d like to introduce it to you because it was so nice.

If I had chosen this line,

I would’ve picked without hesitation, but I wouldn’t do that.

I couldn’t do it, so I just left it.

I went inside. The dust is neat and tidy.

It was managed so that it wouldn’t be. Maybe because it was winter.

Eyes directly on functions such as heaters and heat wires.

I’m going. I didn’t have a ventilation option.

It’s air-conditioned enough to replace it.

I’m glad you’re here because heat is a must.

I can try it. It’s embedded in the handle.

It’s here, so you can play it comfortably.

The buttons are illuminated in red.

There’s a transmission on the auto mission.

The space allocated to the gearbox is adequate

On the side, it’s a leather

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