Brightening effect as well as exfoliation, skin purification, and pore care

This is her skincare office in Namcheon-dong, Busan.

March is the beginning of spring, but you can’t afford to feel spring because of the limitations of your life due to Corona 19.

Let’s all be careful. And I hope it disappears as soon as possible.

Because of the dead skin that is not exfoliated in time, my skin is not dry and smooth, so my makeup doesn’t eat well and I’m worried about getting excited.

Let me introduce you to Velvet Pill, who can solve your problem in her management office.

Velvet Phil is a French “academy” product developed based on scientific and medical research.

It’s a product that’s very effective.

Velvet Phil is the first step in skin care.

Exfoliation, skin purification, pore care, 부천건마 brightening effect, moisture supply, and perfect regenerative care.

High stability and excellent effects with hypoallergenic natural ingredients

It can be used without irritation on any skin.

Skin care center in Namcheon-dong, Busan, for those who are preparing for a wedding.

I’ll take care of it in her management office.

Academy Velvet-Pil Skin Care Order

scalp acupressure→cleaning→Velvetpil→medium→massage→1st-mask→decolte+liquid와2nd-mask→finish.

Hello, this is her management office in Daeyeon-dong, Busan / Yongho-dong Esthetic.

Corona virus, everyone seems to be scared.

With more than 300 confirmed cases this morning, I hope the coronavirus will pass by as soon as possible.

Her administration’s Coronavirus response

Our skin care center in Daeyeon-dong/Yongho-dong, Busan. Her care center.

I’m using a mask to take care of my body with corona Thatcher.

When one person is finished with 1:1 care shop, we sterilize them with alcohol from the care room and hand sterilize them at the beginning and the end of customer management.

Also, whenever I have time, I ventilate and circulate the air.

Also, if you have a cold on the same day, please note that we don’t have a reservation for a while. ~

Busan Daeyeon-dong Esthetic Her Care Room Pregnant Women Event!

In February, we had a maternity massage event.

There are a lot of customers who have been looking forward to doing a pregnant women massage event.

The event period is just around the corner! Let me introduce you one more time.

The Pregnant Women’s Massage Event, which was held from February 7, will close on March 7th.

I want to buy tickets, but there are mothers who can’t come because of the coronavirus!

It would be good to know that you can get tickets until March 7th and then take care of it later!

Busan Daeyeon-dong/Yongho-dong Skin Care Office Her Care Office Pregnant Women Massage Event

management order

Full-body scrub – lateral dorsal technique – lateral lower body technique – frontal lower body technique – paltechnic – chest + abdominal tonnage cream absorption – neck + scalp pressure

Owning time

90 minutes

Her management office in Daeyeon-dong, Busan / Yongho-dong Esthetic

Skin care / body care / prenatal care.Various programs, such as postpartum care / wedding care,

Please contact us as we are ready.Please feel free to contact me for advice

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