I’ve also used a massage that says you have one every house these days.
It’s cooler than I expected.
I use it several times a day because I don’t have anything like this to relax my cramped muscles or my stiff feet.
It’s so comfortable and nice because you can massage your entire body with various tools, including your shoulders, forearms, legs, palms, and feet.
The places I do often are on my shoulders, neck, and back.
Once you taste it, you can’t stop, so you can’t tell how much fun it is to shoot a massage every day these days. Above all, the mini massage that I use is the cute and color that comes from the design, and the softness that comes from the design meets like a prop, so don’t just put it anywhere you put it on the table or put it anywhere on the fireplace. Then I’ll show you the detail from now.
It comes in a small box and the packaging is very neat.
When I opened it, the dedicated storage pouch is even simpler and cleaner.
I liked the storage bag, so I tried to give it a generous score, but it’s better. – If you open it inside, you can see various components.
The main body and four head manual UBS charging cables are visible.
You need to find a suitable location for each of the four heads and massage them. Personally, when you put a round ball in it, it looks the prettiest. When you do shoulders, the tongs look cool.
Other than that, we all have our own positions, so I’ll show you that below. It’s a portable mini. It weighs 415g. It’s cute and pretty when you hold it, so it makes you feel better every time you massage.
There are four colors, white, black, pink, and green. I’ve always done white, but I decided to do pink this time.
It’s not a tacky hot pink. It’s a soft pastel pink. It’s luxurious and so pretty.
So it’s a good thing I used pink. You can put your head in this hole.
There’s a power button and a power button at the bottom.
I charge it with type C, but it turns green during charging and disappears when it’s done.
It takes 3 hours to buffer and 10 hours to use when buffered.
It’s equipped with a 2,500 mAh large lithium-ion battery, so you can use it for a long time on a single charge.
If you press the power button, the light goes on like this.
There’s a place that looks like five dots. You have to adjust the intensity in step 5.
If it’s level 3, there are 3 lights on and the blue lights are still on during operation.
I put it on the living room. How can it be so lovely?
Even if it’s an interior prop, it’s a mini massage that’s pretty enough to believe. I’ll sit on the sofa, drink a cup of tea, read another book, and when I get blood, I’ll do it for you. It’s really refreshing.
Press the power button for 2 seconds to start the operation.
If you press the power button again briefly during operation, it will go up 2nd and 3rd steps to 5th gear each time you press it.
Plus, just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you’re always good.
It’s up to 3000 rpm to the point where it doesn’t strain your muscles, but it’s good to put it in the first layer because you need to adjust to it when you use it’s better to use it.
When I get used to it, I get used to it. It’s stronger than I thought. So I usually use the first layer.
I use 2-3 layers on the back. The head I’m using right now is a flat ball head. You can use it on the arms or the abdominal legs.
If you use it, you can find a head that fits you, so it’s not decided. You can use it as a guide.
My arm feels so cool.
If you do this, it’s a whole 분당건마 new world. That’s what the saying comes out loud.
Especially, this sofa has a great feeling of sitting on it. If you sit here and do it, you can see how you use it as a refreshing video.
I’m doing it in the 1st level and I’m going to move on to the 2nd level after I get used to the 2nd level is strong.
The shoulder is usually a double fork, and it uses a claw-shaped head that holds the muscles of the shoulder tightly, so it’s massaged.
Not only the shoulder, but also the spine. It’s really refreshing to do it while following your spine. The one thing that’s unfortunate is that you can’t do it alone and someone has to do it for you. You know, it’s much cooler to do it for others than with your own hands.
Our little kids often massage my mom because she’s tired. I’m sorry for getting them for a long time. But it’s perfect to use a mini massage.
Personally, I love the double fork head.
I think it’s really small and it’s nothing special. If you think you’re a little used to it, you can raise it to level 2. If you put it close to your head, your head will ring.
It feels like I’m riding Everland Double Rock Spin. The way to replace the head is simple.
Pull it out and put it on with another head. You’ve probably seen the round ball a lot. You can do the neck, shoulders, waist, and abdomen.
Round balls are used everywhere.
For your information, it’s cool when you have belly fat.
It’s called Spiral Head. It’s perfect for concentrating on your palms and feet.
If you walk for a long time or go hiking, your toes and bottom hurt a lot.
How cool it would be if you put it in a spatula.
If you do it between your toes, you can feel something itchy but also feel cool.
I’ve been using it a lot lately. The one that looks cute is also cute, so I carry it around in a bag. It’s easy to carry around when I go out. Good. So I wanted to buy one for my parents as a filial piety.
So you can see that I bought another one yesterday. You can see the secret video of me massaging my feet.
You can also see the strength that gets stronger as you step up from 1st to 2nd to 3rd.
There used to be a time when it was very popular to put it on like a patch, but portable massage like this is very popular these days.
I think it’s because it’s a mini size and design that’s easy to take out anytime, anywhere.
It’s prettier than anything.
I’ve never seen such a pretty design before.
I’d like to recommend it to you because I fell in love with it.
Check it out here, it’s full of drearyness as the cloudy days go by.
I think it’s going to be sunny in the afternoon, but it’s still Friday.
I’ll turn on the fluorescent light and make it look like it’s bling bling with the sub light and have a great Friday.
Eat, have a happy weekend

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