Overall, I felt light and refreshed all over.

Since the outbreak of corona today, we have the biggest confirmed person in Korea. Maybe that’s why there aren’t many people outside such as subways and buses.

It’s best to stay home and heal yourself. After work on Friday, I went to get a Seoul Swedish massage to relieve my fatigue during the week.

The fatigue of a week is nothing more than a massage. I had a lot of pain because my shoulders and neck were so tight, but it was perfect.

I’ve been to a place called Root Sticky Waxing & Tanning.

It is located within 5 minutes on foot from Exit 7 of Sinchon Station on Subway Line 2.

Root-steptic waxing & tanning

I’m worried about quarantine everywhere because of the corona these days. As soon as you come in, check in the Qal code and sterilize your hands!

It’s clean and clean, so they’re paying a lot of attention to protecting Corona.

I was able to receive comfortable care because the light was light and clean overall.

There were also many couples on a date course, including a Swedish couple room and a single room.

a root-static program It specializes in 용산 건마 swedish massage, waxing, and tanning.

The Swedish course is divided into 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes, so you can get maintenance on time.

You can also proceed with waxing at a better price with your membership.

The manager of Root-Static got a professional license and proceeded with it.

You can be more professional and clean. Waxing and tanning can also be done neatly.

I like the overall cleanliness of the store and the maintenance room more.

I haven’t gotten a tan yet. A lot of people from Root-Static come to get waxing and tanning.

If you get a tan, you can use oil, but there are a variety of oils so you can choose one according to your preference.

The program description was carried out in the consultation room regarding the program.

The program I received was a 60-minute Seoul Swedish massage course.

What is a Swedish massage? It is a massage that helps relax and repair muscles by gently applying pressure with Western hand-written therapy.

Oil is important to use as a smooth processing program using oil is important.

Various oils can be tested and selected directly. Oil uses the finest oil.

It’s not irritating to the skin, so it doesn’t cause skin trouble. Also, it’s perfect for dry weather like these days, and for dry skin like me, it’s moist.

Lemon Glass, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Pine, Lavender, T-Bree, Ilang, Tucalyptus.

Each scent has a variety of effects. My choice of oil is rosemary!

It helps relieve stress and relieve headaches. It’s nice to be able to test it out myself.

The one-person room that I’m in charge of. It’s in the form of a square, so you can get more comfortable care.

Sometimes when you go for a massage, it’s separated by a curtain. There were times when I was uncomfortable with the sound of chatting and snoring.

I was able to receive Swedish massage comfortably in a quiet atmosphere at Root-Static.

I feel comfortable in my private room because I like the atmosphere under the light.

Clean and clean room overall! And there was a wide, fluffy bed, so I could be managed comfortably.

The bed has a thermal function, so I got it warmer and more comfortable.

It’s an oil massage, and it’s more comfortable and relaxed because it’s managed at this warm temperature.

With the oil I chose, I enjoyed a cool and refreshing scent and carried out a Swedish massage for 90 minutes.

The manager who received professional training relaxed the process. Especially on the neck and shoulders that were usually uncomfortable.

I asked you to do that. I was able to relieve my fatigue smoothly and coolly, focusing on the blood vessels and myocardial membrane.

Your body is pounding with the stretching you did! With the sound of it, cool! I was able to cool off the fatigue of the week.

Fiery Friday! I’ve been taking care of myself at Root-Static and relieved a week of fatigue.

Overall, I felt light and refreshed all over. I’ve been healing at Root-Static, located near Sinchon Station.

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