After getting waxed, I go out with my friend with a light heart.

Gangnam Brasilia Waxing Partrawaxing Gangnam Branch Girl’s Review!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had Brasilia waxing treatment! I take it regularly, but it’s been that cycle. The waxing shop I visited this time visited was Gangnam branch, one of the Patrawaxing stores that I was very satisfied with when I visited Hongdae store!
Patrawaxing is a waxing brand store with 3 branches – Hongdae, Gangnam, and Wangsimni – and only two years of experience in the procedure.
It’s operated on a 100% reservation basis, so you have to make a reservation and visit. You can make a reservation on the same day, so it would be good for those who need to get waxed in a hurry!

The Partrawaxing Gangnam branch, which specializes in 강남 왁싱1인샵 Gangnam Brasilia waxing, was located very close to Seonreung Station. I went up to the 2nd floor with part-washing!

Arrived at Gangnam branch of Partrawaxing, which specializes in Gangnam Brasilia waxing!

You must wear a mask! Make sure you wear it!
The neat interior design of Patrawaxing caught my eye as soon as it entered! The kind director and staff welcomed me.

The Gangnam branch, which specializes in Brasilian waxing, is using the Australian luxury natural wax and low-irritating wax “Caron Lab,” which has no side effects even on atopic and sensitive skin. I’m even more relieved to hear that it’s organic!

Also, we talked about where to go and if there were any side effects, and we went into the procedure. Thank you for checking it thoroughly!

And the Partrawaxing Gangnam branch, which specializes in Brasilia waxing, is holding a 50% discount event for Brasilia waxing as a first-time customer event. The event price was 88,000 won for men and 60,000 won for women. The price includes VAT!

I looked around the space before the procedure, and there was coffee and tea for the visitors.

It was pleasant to have an air purifier!
There’s candy on the table. Now we’re done with the tour and we’re going to get the procedure!

Gangnam Brasilian waxing specialist Patrawaxing Gangnam branch has individual shower rooms in every room, and the interior is very pretty. Woodwood’s calming mood!

Like this, there’s a shower room, a shower gown, and a basket of used towels!

I wanted to show you the space well, so I even filmed it!

Gangnam Brasilian waxing specialist Patrawaxing Gangnam branch is a Spatula Nordble Deep store that sterilizes all treatment devices and maintains its texture by using disposable products.

Now, let’s take a quick shower and get the treatment in earnest!
The shower room is very clean and spacious!
Put the used towel in here!

There is also a hand sanitizer, so I disinfected my hands once… Disinfect your hands from time to time…

Thank you so much for being so kind and meticulous throughout the treatment! And the good thing was that 50,000 won worth of sedation care and in-depth care are provided free of charge each time. After the Brasilian waxing procedure, I felt that the area where I had been treated quickly became calm!

You’ve also carefully taken care of your post-procedures!
And thankfully, they offered us drinks on our way out, so we had a refreshing sip!

Oh, I took a picture because there was also information about the discount of the credit card company.

After receiving satisfactory waxing management! I left the Patrawaxing Gangnam branch with a pleasant heart! I was satisfied with the procedure itself, but it was so much fun because the director talked comfortably throughout the procedure!
After receiving Brasilia waxing, I go to play with my friend with a light heart.

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