The radius of a person’s body being able to move in an hour has changed!

Today, I’m going to correct my body type.

Yellow Bundang Line, close to Hanti Station Exit 8.

It’s been a while in Gangnam, so I feel good just coming out.

It’s a building where you can see Jinheung Market on the first floor.

It’s located on the second floor of the building just above!

When you get inside the building, you’ll see the body stretch.

I noticed the explanation.

Recovering from fatigue, increasing flexibility, growing height, living pain,

Improving the distance of golf and strengthening the concentration of examinees

It’s a program that would be great for the whole family to listen to together.
After these colorful stairs,

Turn left on the second floor.

You’ll find a bodywork stretch.

Ta-da! You guys, and I’ve known this before.

A different dimension from a correctional institution or massage shop or fitness center

It’s like a proper prescription room in a big hospital.

Not only the luxurious interior and equipment, but also the 원평동 마사지 Pikacha.

The coaches here are also at their best.
The dressing room is really clean and clean.

I change into the comfortable clothes that I have prepared and go out.
Hair band and hairdryer.

She’s taking care of me.
The friendly consultation went on.

I don’t know how it hurts with the coach.

We had a detailed conversation.

What I’m getting today is called “passive stretching.

The muscles and joints of the target are hard to do alone.

Stretch. Coach Stretch’s responsible for all the stretching.

You’re not comfortable with your neck, shoulders, waist, hip, knees, etc.

Laying comfortably on a private pad, family members of all ages, men and women,

He said it was a managed program.

I got a passive stretching, and an hour later, my body…

I’m so curious how it’s gonna change.

Before you go in there, in front of the mirror,

The white walls show pre-stretching conditions.

I took a picture of him.

He’s very stiff.

Sigh… I don’t know if I’m in my 20s.

I feel the need for management again.
You can lie down on a bed that looks like this.

Each one of you stretch and sterilize.

He’s working on protecting Corona.

I can trust him hygienically.

For those who are always tired from lack of exercise,

Anyone uncomfortable with physical imbalance,

Stretching the muscle balance.

You want to improve your athletic ability.

(Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Marathon, Swimming, etc.) –

A bent shoulder due to work or overuse of a smartphone.

It’s a turtle neck, or it’s a must for growing children.

Growth, stretching, etc. It’s really important for everyone of all ages.

It’s a good stretch. It’s a good fit.

It was so comfortable and nice all the time!

What’s the difference with an hour’s stretching?

I’d love to, but my stiff neck was amazing.

It’s soft. It’s moving well.

You’re definitely in your 20s, so it’s working.

He said it was me! from an early age

I think it’s really important to take care of it.

No, I was really surprised to see this picture.

I was surprised. It was like the mystery of the human body.

In an hour, your body’s been able to do this.

I can’t believe the radius of course!

I feel like I’m back in shape.

It was much lighter and cooler.

He wants to know about his physical condition.

with pain or uncontrolled bodies in life.

For those of you who are stressed and struggling,

Specialized Passive Stretching Professional for Gangnam Body Type Calibration

I’d like to recommend the bodywork stretch at Exit 8 of Hanti Station.

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