Shampoo, body wash, and shower products had a good scent and cleaning power.

Hello, everyone! I’m glad the weather is slightly warmer than usual today! Maybe I got a massage, so I feel much lighter. Maybe because I usually work more than 10 hours sitting down at night and in bad posture, my shoulders and legs are very stiff and swollen, so I was so tired when I was working that I found out about the massage shop near my company and I made a reservation and visited the Pyeongtaek Swedish Massage Shop!

The “Changswedish” shop I visited was near the three-way courthouse in Dongsak-dong, Pyeongtaek. I took my car with me, but there was a parking lot behind the building, so I was able to visit comfortably without any inconvenience. The business hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m., so I think it’d be good for those who are going to keep that in mind!

The inside of the Swedish massage shop was very bright and clean. I think it’s open because it’s bigger than other shops. There were many plants and pots, so it felt like we were in nature, but there were many interesting sculptures everywhere.

I looked around the shop and there were many Thai-style sculptures and props. From time to time, Thai managers in Pyeongtaek passed by, and I felt like I was getting a massage overseas.

I can’t go abroad a lot because of the corona these days, but it feels like I’m overseas at a Swedish massage shop in Pyeongtaek, so I’m a little excited.

They gave me a welcome tea, but they gave me a traditional Thai car called Belprutti, and they said it’s good for dieting and bronchial tubes. The reason they gave me this tea is because it’s effective for body fatigue recovery, so it’s good to drink before and after the massage, but I really liked the Swedish massage shop that took care of me so that I could feel more tired.

I heard about the program of Pyeongtaek massage shop while drinking tea. The management of the Korean massage manager in Pyeongtaek was 45 minutes 60,000 won, 60 minutes 80,000 won, 90 minutes 110,000 won, and Thai officials were 60,000 won in 60 minutes and 80,000 won in 90 minutes. I decided to take a 90-minute course in Thailand because I wanted to get it from my Thai teacher.

The changing room of the Pyeongtaek 평택건마 Swedish Massage Shop was also very spacious. It’s bigger than other shops, so there’s plenty of room for changing rooms. I could change clothes comfortably. The locker space was big, so it was easy to store clothes and luggage. There was a gown in the locker. The size was bigger than the size I wore, so it was a good care suit to get a massage.

There was a dressing room and a shower room together. All the products were ready to take a shower and get ready. It’s a Swedish massage shop that you can go anytime because there are products you need so that you can go without any preparation even if you go suddenly!

I was going to the foot bath to get a foot bath. There were so many rooms. A single room for guests who came alone, a double room for two people, and a group room for many people at the same time! They don’t use the group chat room because of the corona. It was Pyeongtaek Massage Shop that I wanted to visit with my friends after the corona was solved quickly!

The Swedish Massage Shop prepared water and tea for you to drink while taking a foot bath.

The Pyeongtaek Swedish Massage Manager washed my feet clean. I feel embarrassed whenever I receive it, but I feel better after receiving it. They took the water according to the temperature I wanted. I’m so happy to see you fly a flower.

The Swedish massage manager released a foot bath that had a really good color and aroma. I only dipped my feet in it, but I felt like my fatigue and stress were gone. I’m feeling tired. It’s been a while since I felt relaxed, so it’s much better than what I got elsewhere. I thought it was a gift for me who worked hard and received a family.

There was a simple Thai massage term in the room. If you can’t communicate well while you’re getting a massage, it’s really hard to get it, but it’s easy to talk with a notice like this. Pyeongtaek Aroma massage manager was so nice, so I didn’t have to use it.

They took care of me from head to toe. The massage manager in Pyeongtaek gives you acupressure on your head, and he’s good at controlling the pressure. If you press it, he pulls the cool part and presses it down. I thought you didn’t have much experience because you looked so young, but you surprised me from the scalp massage.

You don’t have to mention where it’s clumped, but you press it a few times and focus on where it’s clumped. At first, I couldn’t even touch it because I was sick, but after riding the Swedish Massage Manager’s hand, he did a great job without any problems even when I turned my neck or shoulders! I didn’t expect this much. It was a really good management.

The shower room was clean without a hair. I’m very sensitive to hair, but I could feel that Pyeongtaek massage shop is very careful about cleanliness. Maybe it’s because you said you’re going to clean right after the customer leaves, so there won’t be time for hair or dust to pile up!

Shampoo, body wash, and shower products had a good scent and cleaning power. I feel much fresher after taking a shower after getting a Swedish massage. As soon as I got home, I fell asleep.

He gave me a cup of tea, and it was warm, so I felt relaxed. I was a little dizzy after the massage, but the fresh taste of the tea made my head clear. If you want to take care of your body and mind, I think it’d be good to visit the Pyeongtaek Swedish Massage Shop!

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