Safe from clean disinfection and antibacterial treatment

Because of Corona, when I liked sports,

It’s too big to be stuck at home.

It was pain.

So I ended up wearing a mask and clinging together.

To relax, to get a massage.

I recognized the swedish.

I’ve found a good place to look at.

I’m writing to 용인스웨디시 leave a message.

It’s in the form of a one-person shop.

I don’t have to worry about the dangerous situation.

It was great to receive it.

Reservations are mandatory.

If you can’t get there,

Isn’t it polite to send a cancellation text as soon as possible?

10 minutes after booking,

It’s automatically canceled, but it’s twice or more.

If you cancel it habitually,

He’s applying the black system. He’s never again.

I’m told you can’t use Hestia.

You have to be careful.

By the way, do you know what Swedish is?

I’m just going to apply a simple oil and get it without pain.

I only thought of it as a massage, but it wasn’t.

The city of Swadish, formerly known as the West’s aristocracy, used to live in

It’s a noble-style massage that only loosens the clump of muscles.

It is said that it also helps blood circulation.

It’s different from a cheap massage shop!

Not only massage, but also aroma.

He specializes in waxing.

If I want to get another maintenance, Even if you do

It would be nice to visit after making a reservation.

At first, adding emotion to the massage…

I didn’t understand exactly what you meant.

I understood as soon as I opened the door.

Before I went in, I saw that there was a door

with a sticker that says it has been disinfected in time for the situation.

I’m asking you to wear a mask when you go in and out of the store.

There’s a poster on it. Of course!

For your own good, for others.

You know you have to protect me, right?

If you open the door like this, under elegant lighting,

The kind boss welcomed me.

Personally, I like dark blue.

Hestia’s in this mood.

I really liked it. The tide is blue!

Like this, the hallway is very unique.

It was blue light.

I’m here for maintenance, and I’m here in a secret place.

It feels like I’m leaving. It’s different.

I’m not gonna let the walls get bored with these frames.

You decorated it, but the boss said,

You seem to have a good eye for it.

Maybe it’s under exotic lighting.

It looked really nice.

This is the maintenance inside.

What if it’s dirty inside?

I was worried, but I didn’t have to.

The interior is so neat and tidy.

I was relieved that it was there.

When I visited a small shop in the neighborhood,

It’s a messy place that’s not well managed.

I went to a shop like that, and no matter how many Therapists,

Even if the technology is good, the revisit is a little…

I do feel a little reluctant

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