Receipts paid at least 5% of the deposit

What do you think is the biggest problem in people in their 20s and 30s that just came out into society? It’s a residential environment. Although they were forced to become independent due to problems such as employment, it is inevitable for beginners in society who do not have a lump sum of money saved to pay for a high lease. So today, we’re going to take some time to learn about the conditions and qualifications of the loan for young people’s support.

It’s a lease real estate loan for young people. For young people who have difficulty paying for housing, using a supportive lease loan can solve the problem much cheaper than paying monthly rent. Since it is a state-funded policy, it has a great merit of low interest rates, so it is one of the products recommended to many people if they meet the qualifications.

Conditions for loaning loans for young people’s property

1. Loan interest rate

The loan rate varies depending on the 비대면폰테크 annual income of the user, from a minimum of 2.3% per year to a maximum of 2.7% per year.

– Annual income of 20 million won or less: 2.3% per year
– Annual income exceeding 20 million won – 40 million won or less: 2.5% per year
– Annual income exceeding 40 million won – 50 million won or less: 2.7% per year

2. Preferential interest rate application criteria

– If the combined annual income of couples is less than 40 million won, if the basic livelihood beneficiary, the next higher class, the annual income is less than 50 million won, or if a single parent family supports a child under 6 years of age, the preferential rate is applied.

– 0.2% for a faithful repayment of monthly rent for housing stability;

– 0.7% for multiple children, 0.5% for two children, and 0 for one child.3%

3. Loan Limit

The loan limit is set within 80% of the lease deposit under the lease contract, and the maximum limit is 35 million won. However, you should keep in mind that it may be determined differently depending on your personal conditions.

4. Term and Redemption Method

If you look at the terms of the loan for young people, the loan period is set for two years, but it can be used for up to 10 years. In other words, a total of four extensions can be extended, and if more than 10% of the loan you first borrowed is not repaid, an additional interest rate of 0.1% per year is applied. You can choose between a mixed repayment or a lump sum repayment method.

5. Redemption Fee

Since there is no prepayment fee, it is much more beneficial to pay back immediately if you get a lump sum of money anytime while using the loan.

Eligibility for youth support jeonse loans

1. Loan To

The subject of the loan must be a Korean adult aged 19 to under 25 years of age. At the time of the lease contract, you must have paid more than 5% of the deposit after signing a lease contract with a lease deposit of 50 million won or less.

2. Whether to be a household owner

Also, you can’t have a house under your name. It should be a homeless household owner. The combined income of couples should be less than 50 million won and the net asset value should be less than 280 million won.

3. Targeted housing

The target housing is also set separately. The rental area must be less than 60 square meters, and residential officetels are also included in the target housing.

Application for a loan for lease on youth support

The timing of the lease loan for young people depends on whether it is a new or additional loan, as shown below.

– New

Within three months from the earlier date of the balance payment date and the date of transfer in resident registration;

– Add

At least one year from the date of transfer in resident registration, at least one year from the date of the existing loan, and within three months from the date of renewal of the contract;

Procedures for the use of lease loans for young people

Now that we’ve learned about the terms and conditions of the lease loan for young people, we’ll talk about the procedure. It takes the following process to check the basic conditions and pay the loan.

1. Check loan conditions

– Check basic loan information through consultation

2. Determination of consultation and loan amount

3. Screening

– Examination of qualifications and income, assets, collateral, etc.

4. Approve

– Loan availability and limit

5. Run Loan

Documents required for youth support jeonse loans

– Lease agreement (confirmed date book)

– Receipts paid at least 5% of the deposit

– Income confirmation document

– Employment confirmation documents, asset confirmation documents, etc.

So today, we had a time to learn about the conditions and qualifications of the lease loan for young people, the timing, procedures, and necessary documents.

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