I could have emptied it out by myself.

I just had an appointment and went to Samdeok-dong

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Daegu wine bar

I’ve been to the country, and I’ve been to the country

I can taste it full at a low price

It was a very satisfying place, and the atmosphere

a special, good, but not usual

Those who wanted to taste food once

I think it would be nice if you could refer to it.

This visit is located at Kyungdae University Hospital Station

It’s only five minutes from exit four.

It’s got great access, and it’s a good idea

It’s a building, it’s full of glass, and it’s a long way from here

I could find it at a glance, with the whole glass

It says the room is outside

It was obvious, but it was pretty obvious

I could see that it was a nice, visceral setup.

Then I went inside and I saw Brown tone

The lights were shining the store in a subtle light

There’s a wide gap between tables

It’s so much more pleasant

It looked neat, all over the store

I also saw wine bottles and champagne, but I’m sure

as Daegu wine bar, there are many liquor menus

I was on the side.

There’s white wine, there’s red wine

There were many kinds of friends,

I can’t drink it, I can’t bring it

I had a glass of red wine, Adena

There are many kinds of sparkling, so I think

Those who can’t do it, they’re not gonna

I think you can replace it.

as well as entering the store

a clear view of the kitchen

It’s in an open kitchen.

So maybe it’s a good place to be

It smelled like a stink, and you said

You can see yourself cooking, too

The wait for food is boring

He didn’t.

I’ll sit down and take a seat

Slowly, the Daegu wine bar menu

I looked at the ingredients on every menu

The description says that you’re much more likely to choose

It was easy, you know, just outside the office

The menu you’re curious about

I asked you a question, but I was kind

He answered.

including the signature menu here

There was a nudity and a light menu,

Signature said that you two here

It seemed to be a menu you developed yourself.

sesame leaf pestoes pasta and iberico

And the ribs steaks

a cool, cool, cheongyang red pepper

There was soup pasta.

We’re looking at the kitchen

in the bar table consisting of form

I took a seat, and the table was basically

Paper cups, tableware and wipes

It was set up, especially if that water bottle

It’s in an orange juice bottle

I feel like a retro, and I’ve been seeing it for a long time

I’m surprised to hear that you’re looking at me

I did.

a tangled plate on a big plate

Pasta noodles, long-boiled, and

Avocado salmon benedic

I can’t see it when I see it

I’ll pick up the eggs and see if they’re thick

Salmon and soft avocados

It’s a lot of it, only visuals

I could see it.

Avocado salmon benedic is also

I heard you were on a menu of Daegu wine bars

I was in charge of visuals.

on a crisp baked bread

mongolian eggs and avocados

the combination, and the fresh salmon together

and the light, savory flavor

It was a good one.

on a well-ripe fresh avocado

a smooth-boiled egg and a salty

Cheese melts down, so it can taste bad

It was a combination that didn’t exist

The sauce was delicious,

Cut into good sizes to eat and fill your mouth

And then the savage spread, and the wine

I just remembered.

On Benedict’s, white cheese powder

It’s all over it like snowflakes.

bread, avocados, salmon, and

with a chilli and cheese

If you take a big bite, you’ll have to take it

I can feel the flavor

The ingredients were well suited.

There’s cheese, and salmon has a thicker feel

I mean, if you feel it, it’s thick

I was worried about what to do,

without unexpectedly feeling at all

The sue is doubled, so I’m gonna need wine

It was a match, and I was able to

My friend who can not eat is also

He said it fits well. He ate it.

The pasta in the wine bar in Daegu

The cotton is basically olive oil

It’s clothed, so the cotton is soft

I’m gonna have to make a nice little egg

It’s unique to eat it

I was satisfied because it was an unusual feeling.

Surely, as a signature menu,

It tastes different from pasta.
On the whole, the seasoning taste

it softs, it heals in the nose tip

It tastes like soft oil and it tastes like that

The egg is in, and the 풀싸롱 noodles

a tangled, but thick and thick

I felt like I was eating pasta.

I can eat it, but it does not get tired of it

It was addictive.
in the long-term oil pasta

The cotton is thick and the long-boiled

It’s a big, big, big,

There’s no need to chew meat at all

It was soft enough, the skin was

I’m not tired, so I’m gonna have to go

The moment we put it in your mouth, Sarr

It felt like melting.

Usually, cream pasta or oil pasta

I’m tired of eating and I feel

I never finished emptying a plate

There were many, but it was delicious this day

I don’t have any new feelings

I could have emptied it out by myself.

It’s like Korean food, it’s like a style

I think there was a strange charm.

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