“I couldn’t exercise because of the recommendation from the people around me, but I was lying down all the time and came back.”

I sparred with the director. He lost his strength and continued the battle like water.
I tried several movements, but the director accepted me softly rather than taking a picture and pressing it, perhaps he felt that I was not the one who usually ran like a bull.
This is the most satisfying sparring ever while painting.
When I shake hands afterwards, the director’s words make me more excited.
“It’s much better.”

“Okay, don’t force me ignorant, just flow like water, you little punk.”

I was excited by the wind blowing in the lungs, but the excitement of Jjakkoong’s voice over the phone quickly cools down.
The news that he was injured at the same gym. In the process of mastering the technology, the opponent shot the rib with his shoulder, saying he was passing an open guard, but he screamed without realizing it because he had a sharp pain with a sound that seemed not to come from his body.
The director hurriedly stabilized and bought an ice pack and made a cold pack, but he said that it was okay to have an awkward partner. However, he is complaining that he was forced to return from lying down all the time without exercising at the recommendation of his 주짓수 neighbors to rest.
“Does it hurt when you breathe?”
“No, it doesn’t hurt that much.”
“Why don’t you touch it?”
“I don’t know.”
That’s a relief. I don’t think it’s a fracture. Let’s write something like this. When should the hospital suspect the microfractures that are mentioned in the hospital, excluding extreme fractures that seem to be seriously wrong? Look at four things.
Severe pain Definite pain Severe edema and limitation of range of operation.

Pressed pain means pain when pressed. The problem is how much pressure you think it hurts, but it is difficult to distinguish clearly because the pain is a subjective response. There are people with high thresholds, and there are people who can’t stand it well. However, since we can’t talk about anything like this, fractures, including microfractures, are usually not described as “pressing pain” or “stiffness.” You can hear a bad sound when you touch it. If you touch it wrong, you will touch it and then you will get earwax. So, when you first asked, “Why don’t you touch it?” you answered, “I don’t know?” That’s why I feel relieved.
“It hurts!!!!!”

Every joint in the body has a range of normal movement. This is called the operating range.
The limitation of the operating range is a situation in which the area cannot move within the normal range, and it can be understood that it is an abnormal limitation.
However, like pain, it is not easy to judge.
This is because if each person has different flexibility, changes in body with age, and acute sprains occur (anyway, if you suspect a micro fracture, something has been shocked), edema appears as the first reaction of the human body.
If the damaged area is swollen, the movement is unnatural regardless of whether it is fractured or not. Furthermore, it is more difficult to diagnose structures where multiple structures move simultaneously, such as ribs.
It’s hard to judge edema by the naked eye.

If an injury occurs during an open guard pass when the opponent presses the abdomen with his shoulder, it can be suspected of rib cartilage sprains (although it should be seen in detail).
It occurs when abnormal shocks or abnormal torsions occur to the cartilage connecting the rib and sternum, and when the opponent passes, suddenly puts on weight or shoots ribs instead of abdomen with the knee, it will be a perfect injury.
Both the person doing side-pressing and the person receiving it are exposed to danger and can also occur when suddenly applying force to the escape.
I’m sure it feels like a lighter director playing Nion Valley to me.

To understand more, we need to look at the anatomy of the ribs. The human body has a total of 24 ribs, 12 pairs of ribs 12 pairs.
Ribs (wolf) that form joints with the back (thorax) wrap round the lungs and connect to the chest (thorax) in front of the body, where bones and cartilage are attached, not bones.
This cartilage is called rib cartridge. For convenience, he is called No. 1 from the top, so he is called No. 12 rib.
Suddenly, I want to eat braised short ribs with kimchi.

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