It has a function to manage all work-related schedules.

Freelancers who have to do everything by themselves also need communication to receive requests from customers and share feedback.

I usually use the phone personal messenger.

I don’t use just one.

Communication is the most important thing in a single-person work infrastructure, but for us working in a company, collaboration is very important.

If you have to use it inevitably, you will need to find the appropriate collaboration tool messenger.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a flow that can solve all processors with one tool.

Flow is the most popular platform in Korea that can solve instant messaging, business management file storage, schedule management, collaboration, security, and video conference. It is known to have the largest number of users in Korea because it supports PC, mobile tablet and laptop.

Prevention of missing messages and secret messengers

Using multiple group rooms results in a large number of missing messages.

an unmissing messenger

It’s a full-featured messenger for business purposes.

Since all work-related messages are managed as comments for each project, history is stored 웹하드 순위 indefinitely and any work in the past project can be transferred or shared with external collaboration.

A business messenger that prevents unidentified checks and messages from being buried with the message alarm function.

Another function is a secret messenger.

Flow provides security against data or message leakage.

With the secret chat function, you can use messenger with confidence by strengthening security.

Reduce time by essential function
It is a business-optimized platform that is different from traditional messenger applications.

You can check the progress by dividing the steps of each project.

You can efficiently manage your work with workflow functions and gantt chart functions that allow you to receive step-by-step feedback and prioritize tasks based on importance, such as by deadline person.

From the perspective of the manager, regardless of the membership, the distribution of work and the overall flow of the team can be understood.

Replaces reports with a single flow messenger by reducing face-to-face feedback from practitioners and administrators.

It’s the only one in Korea that has an all-in-one system that can solve the whole business with one messenger.

Infinite file management

With unlimited access to file management capabilities in the flow at the expense of limiting capacity for e-mail messengers web hard, it is profitable to replace other paid platforms.

The ability to easily find and write files divided by task at any time without having to browse past e-mails or computer files in the chat window upside down without having to search for them can boost your work efficiency.

Business scheduler messenger

All-in-one collaboration tool, it manages all work-related schedules so that you can solve them with one flow.

You don’t have to organize your schedule on a calendar, but you can manage your schedule on a daily basis and double-check it with an alarm function.

It is very useful to share schedules as announcements, or to share places with Google Maps when you announce meetings or meeting dates.

I think it’s a smart messenger.

Support for non-face-to-face business through video service

Non-face-to-face video conferencing services.

The free interworking feature of Zoom Support Remote Meeting, the representative video conferencing service platform, allows you to use the special function of Flow, which is added to the video conferencing function for business use.

The fact that video conferencing is possible while using Flow Messenger, group broadcasting can be invited without separate invitations during group meetings, and video conference schedules can be shared in public announcements is differentiated from existing video conference services.

The messenger can say this much, but that’s why!! I’d like to tell you that you have to use it.

All of these features are fully protected and available with nine different types of security, so you can feel relieved.

As it won the first place in the collaborative tool category at the 2020 Brand Awards, it seems to be a more reliable messenger in that many users are using it by many companies such as JTBC, a major Korean company, and DB Financial Law Firm.

At a time when many untact platforms are pouring out in preparation for untact, using already proven messenger tools seems to be the way to increase efficiency and reduce trial and error.

Only the functions you need if you need them!

We hope you achieve your ultimate goal with Flow All-in-One Messenger, which adds a reasonable price compared to other business messengers.

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